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Bilingual Chart Design

This sample shows the use of graphic styles to give a pie-chart a sophisticated and modern look. In addition, this project required the production of two versions of the same graphic. One in Korean and another in English. While fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, Korean presented an additional challenge: not only it was a language I had no experience it but its alphabet is completely unknown to me. That means the translation process would have to include placeholders to help me place the translated copy in the right place. To facilitate the translation process I established the following translation process:

  1. Once a proposal graphic achieved its “final” state I would generate aPDF and send it to our Korean translator.
  2. The translator would proceed to add the Korean copy onto the PDFed graphic via Acrobat’s Commenting Tools. That way not only would I have the Korean text in a format that allowed copy and paste but in addition each block of text would have been placed next to its English equivalent making it easier for me to place the Korean version in the graphic.
  3. The translator would then return the commented file to me for graphic design.
  4. Once the translated graphic was produced, a PDF version was generated and returned to the translator for review.The review cycle with Adobe Acrobat would go on until the translation received final approval by Korean reviewers in the project team.
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