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CVP 2.0

Late 2014 CVP started its rebranding process, nicknamed “CVP 2.0”. I managed that project which counted with the support from RedThinking fort he new logo design and Marketud marketing expertise in developing the new site architecture and copy write. By January 2015 our contractors had provided us with their contributions to the project. At that time I proceeded with the update of CVP’s corporate website, including:

  • Defining branding standards – typography, color scheme, logo usage,logo variations – and publishing a new branding guide.
  • Migrating to WordPress and revamping design and content.
  • Redesiging marketing collateral and do-it-yourself templates used firm-wide.
  • Ordering new brand marketing giveaway items.
  • Redecorating offices, including new logo displays and coordinating wall colors and furniture.
  • Revamping reuse graphics in CVP’s graphics library to match the new branding guide.
Art Direction
Graphic Design
UI Design
Logo Design
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